About ERS

Easy Recycling Solutions was founded by Sonja Robinson (who has over 5 years in the industry), with the aim of encouraging people to recycle and therefore to benefit the environment.

By incentivising clients with payments, ERS not only succeeds in this ambition but also provides both businesses and individuals with an extra revenue.

Now established in 3 counties across the South Of England, ERS has a client base of hundreds of regular and satisfied clients.

The principles of the business are; excellent customer service, honesty and integrity. The laws relating to the recycling industry have been tightened in recent years and Easy Recycling Solutions will always adhere to these rules to the letter.

ERS is run by friendly staff who will always welcome you and help you to get the best price for your material. You can be sure it's not going to waste!

ID Requirements

In order for ERS to purchase your material from you, we will require proof of who you are and where you live. If you have a valid photo driving licence this will be sufficient. If you do not have a valid photo driving licence, you will need to provide a current passport and utility bill less than 3 months old, but this cannot be a mobile phone bill. We also accept gun licences and various other forms of ID. If in doubt, please give us a call and we can confirm if your ID will be accepted.

For more information about the scrap metal legislation Click Here

Waste Carriers Registration

Did you know that you must register for a waste carriers licence if you transport waste as a part of your business. You must also register if you buy, sell or dispose of waste, or arrange for someone else to do so. We thought we would give you a helping hand and provide you with a link to register today, if you haven't done so already. It is very easy and only takes about 15 minutes. It should also be free if you are dealing with your own waste but there might be a charge if you are transporting waste for others.

Click here to register on gov.uk