Non Ferrous Recycling

Here at ERS we purchase a variety of materials which have been made out of non-ferrous metal, from copper pipes to old brass garden features. We pride ourselves in customer service and will try to give you the best price possible for your scrap metal. If you are unsure if the metal is non-ferrous or not - grab a magnet and see if it sticks, if it does, chances are we won't buy it. Non-Ferrous metals don't tend to be magnetic. If you are unsure about what we can buy, give us a call and our friendly staff can advise you.

How it works

We will need some identification from you in order for you to scrap your material in with us. Please see our Legal Stuff for our ID requirements. Once we have sorted the ID out and added you to our system, our helpful staff will sort through your material in order to maximise your pay-out. The material will be weighed in front of you, using certified scales and a clear view of the weight is on display for you to double check. Once we have weighed your metal, we will advise you on the price and ask how you would like to be paid. Prices are reviewed daily and based on the London Metal Exchange. The pricing is done per kilo so we don't have to buy in large quantities. We offer a variety of payment choices and details of these can be found in our Ways To Get Paid section below. It is as easy as pie..

Ways to get paid

In 2012 new laws came into play. Scrap Metal Dealers across the UK are no longer able to pay cash for scrap metal. Below are the payment methods we can offer.


We can offer you a cheque for your payment, to take with you same day free of charge.

BACS Payment

Standard Bacs payment, daily cut-off is at 4pm.

Same Day BACS

Same day payments can be provided Monday to Friday for transactions before 4pm and are subject to a small fee.